The little Star Spirit

We are happy to present you our first game in progress.

The little Star Spirit


PC (Windows) - (Mac perhaps later)


Jump n' Run


2-3 hours

Hey guys, 


finally we are about to create our first game. When we stared our business, both of us already had a couple of ideas for more complex indie games in our mind. However, with regards to our first game, we wanted to start with a small one, that is manageable for a two person start up. 


The concept of the little star spirit’s adventure was born: 


The two of us have been caught by the spirit of nostalgia, when we thought back of the first jump and run games, we loved so much to play. So we decided to go for a 2D jump and run game with a playtime of 2-3 hours and here is the background story of the game: 


There is a beautiful star constellation, called „The Fox constellation“, which belongs to a tiny, but powerful star spirit. Unfortunately, the constellation gets destroyed by a terribly devastating asteroid shower. Due to that catastrophe, the stars of the constellation have been scattered all over different worlds. Deprived of its home, the little star spirit has no other chance but starting his journey towards foreign realms, where it has never been before, in order to find the stars and to rebuild its home to former glory. 


Players slip into the role of the star spirit. They have to take up the challenge and make their way through worlds where deadly traps and obstacles are waiting for them to be mastered. The game will be comprised of a tutorial in the Star Spirit Palace, a Plant Level, a Desert Level and a Milky Way Level. Each of them has its own little NPCs … most of them are deadly, but nevertheless cute. Furthermore, we strive to design the game in an artistic style, that is beautiful as well as different from most other styles. This way, players can enjoy their journey and if they get distracted by the beauty of their environment …. Well, everything has its price (sometimes it costs even a life ;) )

The little fox spirit by Artsy Vulpini is a 2D jump and run game. They are a small indie developer team.